The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye

Title: The Crown’s Gamecrowns.jpg
Evelyn Skye
Published by: Balzer + Bray
Publication date: 17th May 2016
Pages: 399
Genres:  Young Adult, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Magic, Romance
Format: Hardcover
Source: Purchased



The Crown’s Game follows two young enchanters on their fight across Russia for their right to work for the Tsar. There can only be one Imperial Enchanter to serve the realm as Russia’s magic source is only able to fuel one person at a time. With their lives on the line, both enchanters are willing to do whatever it takes to come out on top.

At first I didn’t think this book would have its own magic, story or plot. It started a tad too ordinarily for my liking. But then I was about fifteen pages in and something changed. It was almost as if Vika and Nikolai had enchanted me. Suddenly I was tangled up in both of their powers and ended up reading their entire story in a day. Despite consuming this book so quickly, there were some serious drawbacks.

I feel as though the relationships between characters could have been developed better. I found the story lacking in character arcs, which was a bit of a let down since the characters all go through so much. However, there is a second book on the way so maybe we’ll have a chance to see them grow then.

The Crown’s Game could have been incredible and I was excited to see how the enchanters battled it out to the death. But if you’re here for the gory details, this isn’t the place to be. The entire game was basically to see who could make the most beautiful thing for the people of Russia to look at. All of their ‘works of art’ had a tinge of murder in them, but nothing ever happened, no one got hurt. That was a major letdown for me. I think if the game hadn’t been such an easy ride for both enchanters (and also if the plot didn’t center on them falling in love at first sight), this book would be ten times better.

Despite all of this, I did enjoy reading this story and moved through it at a galloping pace. It’s an easy read- nothing out of the ordinary, pretty bland characters and mostly just a lot of fluff (which was just fine when I read it, hence the praise at the beginning of this review). Whether I read the second book will depend on the blurb, its reviews and not to be a noob, but the cover. I wasn’t a fan of this cover.


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