Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Title: Passengerpassenger.jpg
Alexandra Bracken
Published by: Disney-Hyperion
Publication date: 5th January 2016
Pages: 486
Genres:  Fantasy, Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Time Travel
Format: Hardcover
Source: Purchased

Moments before Etta Spencer’s concert violin debut (one she gave up school, friends and a boyfriend for), she stumbles across an entirely new world, one that she has more ties to than she realizes. Suddenly she’s taken three hundred years into the past and ends up on a ship in the Caribbean, quite different from the modern day New York that she’s used to.

Pulled away from everything that she once thought she knew, Etta learns that she is one of a few people left in the universe that can travel through time, and powerful families threaten the lives of everyone she knows, along with her own, if she doesn’t retrieve a very important artifact that they claim Etta’s mother stole. Etta is then on a race through time with an attractive sailor by her side and dangerous travelers on her heels.

Every last detail, from dialogue to backstories, was pretty close to immaculate. I was really impressed by how realistic everything was, and that’s saying something about a book on time travel. If there was one thing that I think could’ve been done better, it was the romance between Etta and Nicholas. It was very pragmatic, but their feelings for each other developed really quickly. I wouldn’t say it’s insta-love, but I can see how some would think so.

The last couple chapters were absolutely brilliant and left me in a daze. The storytelling is so well done that you’ll never find yourself reading the same paragraph twice or be left wondering what’s going on. Passenger is a beautifully written story about love, loss and fighting for what you believe in. The way time travel works in this book isn’t described for pages on end and instead you learn about it along the way through bits and pieces, just like Etta. I personally really enjoyed the explanations for how time travel works in their world and it was done much better than many time travel books I’ve read.
This book is worth a read and I can’t wait to read the second book.


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