Finals Week

I’m sure every reader knows what it’s like to literally yearn for books and reading time during a hectic moment in life, because that’s where I am right now. I have finals in a week and still so many projects and quizzes to get through before it even arrives. Can someone please explain to me why professors give you so much work at the end of term, right before your big exams? Because I don’t get it. I’m probably going to emerge from the rare state known as sleep every hour this week.


Image result for meme krabs

My judgement is impaired, projects are definitely not writing themselves, and I haven’t done proper, let alone any, exercise in weeks. So while I’m looking around at other students, as if they’d hold the answers to my prayers, I’m just going to keep going. Somehow. I’ll figure it out. It may take until after exams are over, but I’ll figure it out. Maybe.

Anyway, I’m dying to get my finals over and done with and for the term to be finished so I can finally be the book dragon that Nature intended for me to be, instead of some sleep deprived college zombie. Once the rough days are over, I’m going to put up the Christmas tree, grab a bowl of cranberry sauce, and sit down in a comfy chair, and read through my books as fast as I can possibly manage.

Image result for tumblr reading gifsBut until then, I’m going to be MIA for a bit. If I don’t return, just know that I’m battling dragons and overcoming incredible feats and will be unable to share my thoughts until I have conquered the lofty mountain that is my TBR pile.


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