Bookish Goals for 2017

As a university student, free time doesn’t really exist and sadly I don’t get through anywhere near as many books as I would like to in a year. For 2016, my Goodreads challenge was to read at least 30 books because that seemed attainable and I wanted to be able to complete the challenge (I did!). For the new year, I’d love to increase it but this is a much busier year for me than 2016 was and it’s probably best that I leave it at 30 and hopefully read more than that anyway.

I’ve compiled a reading checklist of bookish goals that I’ve set for myself and will be checking in throughout the year to see how it’s going. Hopefully I can keep on track!

2017 Reading Checklist/Goals

  • A collection of short stories
  • A self improvement book
  • An autobiography
  • Minimum of five new authors
  • Reread an old favorite
  • Read a book with the word ‘time’ in it
  • A classic
  • Decrease your TBR shelf
  • Post at least 45 posts on this blog
  • Give more books as gifts
  • Don’t force yourself to finish books you don’t like
  • Buy only the most interesting books you come across. No more meh books just because they’re books.
  • Maybe get one of those books you can color the cover of yourself. Those look fun.
  • Recommend all of the books.

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