Book Blogging & The Pressure to Create Better Content

I love books, book blogging, and the book blogging community. I find a lot of comfort in them all and love being a part of them. But recently I’ve been feeling the pressure to create better content. I’ve currently got over thirty posts sitting in my drafts box and nothing seems good enough.

Partly this is because I’m back in school, I have a job, and I’m busier than ever. But it’s also that as the number of people following this blog increases, I feel more and more critical towards the ideas for posts that I have. It’s not that I’m filtering what I say. I still write as authentically as I possibly can, but I don’t always feel like what I’m writing is #quality.

For example, sometimes I just want to make a Dr. Seuss appreciation post. However, I feel like that’s not good enough or that maybe that’s not what readers want to read. I want to create new content that intrigues people and gets a conversation going and so I no longer write everything I want to write because some things that I want to write have no objectives or morals and hence no reason to be written. It’s not so much about what I think readers want but more just what can I say that’s new and thought provoking. Let me explain that better.

I still write for the pleasure of writing and I’ll always enjoy writing reviews and discussing characters and plots and what have you. I’m not putting a filter on my opinions or thoughts but I seem to have created a post judging committee in my head. I’ll think of something I’d enjoy writing but then I think, wait. That is a filler post. Is that what I want to put out into the world with my name on it? I also find myself rushing to complete posts so I’m not inactive for a long time but then there’s the issue of not feeling like I’ve put enough effort into it and so it doesn’t get published anyway.

I’m obviously just a person who has made their home in a very small corner of the internet but the pressure to create better content is still here. It’s not just something that comes and goes with fluctuating follower counts or views. The more I create, the more I want to better myself. And while this is all fine and good, it also means I’m creating less and less of the fluffy things that serve no purpose but some happiness. I realize that the fluffiness is a good thing. It’s important to create things for yourself that give you comfort and confidence. But I can’t seem to find the balance where I can satisfy my need for fluffy posts and also create the posts I’m more passionate about.

Do you have similar experiences? Do you have any tips and tricks for overcoming this? All inputs are appreciated.



7 thoughts on “Book Blogging & The Pressure to Create Better Content

  1. I totally get what you meant! As my blog grows I also get that feeling of having to ALWAYS come up with amazing, one of a kind posts. Sometimes I want to write random posts but when I do, I find out that that’s probably not what the readers want to read, just like you said. I know this because the stats are considerably lower haha BUT if I could give you an advice it would be that we don’t only blog for other people, but also for ourselves. Especially for ourselves. So I’d say it’s okay if you want to write random posts every once in a while šŸ˜€

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  2. I would totally read a Dr. Seuss appreciation post. Just saying. šŸ˜‰ I do second-guess myself sometimes on post, but as long as you enjoy it, then I think it’s good and your followers will enjoy something you’ve enjoyed. šŸ™‚

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