A Blind Date With a Book

Welcome all to blind dating, book style! Just like Tinder, feel free to swipe left on some of these but if you find the short descriptions intriguing enough, just follow the link over to the Goodreads page for that particular book and get properly acquainted! Happy dating!

The Chosen One falls in love with the vampire trying to kill kiss him

Experience Russian folklore, humor, magic and adventure alongside a princess/pauper duo

The land beyond your imagination

Jewish daughter of immigrants makes things happen in early twentieth century Boston

Experience Paris and all its idiosyncrasies, also some recipes

Two skilled killers fall in love and your heart will hurt

A mysterious society that collects books from different universes

Teenage girl feels like she’s living someone else’s life and it turns out she is. She’s actually a troll princess.

I was nothing until I found this book and so are you

Two brothers battle zombies surprisingly well

It’s all just one big illusion

The end of the world, a comedy

Travel through time and across the world with two destined to not be together

“Poisoned, pursued and living with a psychopath”- a direct quote

The beginning of the best adventure ever

Travel to Japan and discover living myths and romance

Imagine all the horrors of high school. Televised. Oh, and you’re drugged every day.

Adolescence and growing up gay in a religious area and all the crap that follows

Coming of age story during the Great Depression- charming and thought provoking

Teenage angst, apathy and alienation are discussed at length by self entitled young man

Mushy short stories for the winter holidays


Feature image photo cred: Elizabeth’s Bookshop


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