Confessions of a Book Blogger

My idea of a good time is reorganizing my bookshelves

See also: unpopular opinions held by yours truly

  1. I didn’t like Harry Potter as a child. Now before you come for me with screams and pitch forks, let me at least say that I did read the first two books. I just couldn’t get into them. I don’t know why since it’s very much the kind of story I’d adore now but I just did not care about it when I was little. However, I did pick up the first book again over Christmas and really enjoyed it so at some point I’ll give the series another shot.
  2. I thought the Hunger Games movies were better than the books. I loved the books (except for the final one because of what I think is a badly written ending) but the films really did do the books justice. The dialogue was almost word for word, the world building was great and the movie ending was just so much better than that of Mockingjay.
  3. I didn’t like The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I read it when I was about fourteen and just did not like it one bit. I didn’t like the writing style or the characters and I don’t remember thinking there was much of a plot (I feel this way about many contemporaries, though). I also didn’t watch the movie.tumblr_o18z6zdwhv1t6k27lo1_r1_500
  4. I once reposted one of my reviews because it wasn’t getting any attention. And after I reposted it, attention! Life lesson for bloggers: it’s okay to repost yourself. The time of day when you post is a factor to consider sometimes. I do feel kind of bad about this one but I was really proud of the review and wanted to make sure people saw it. Definitely blog because you enjoy it but also don’t feel bad if you want people to read what you write. There’s nothing wrong with that.
  5. If it’s less than 350 pages, I’m unlikely to read it. The longer the book, the more likely I am to pick it up and generally speaking, the more likely I am to like it.
  6. I totally judge books by their cover. Some book covers are so gorgeous and others just aren’t. The less intricate or less professional a cover is, the less likely I am to even bother reading the synopsis. I’m sure I miss out on some great books occasionally but so far this works for me just fine.
  7. I’m a book hoarder. I don’t think I’ve given away a book in at least seven years. Say I’m traveling and I finish a book I didn’t like. It would make sense that I leave it behind or pass it on to someone else, right? Wrong. I keep it. I lug it around with me because it MUST go on my bookshelf at home. It is a prize. It is a piece of me now. I have tons of books I’ll never read again but I just can’t part with them yet. I’m trying, I really am. But they’re like trophies for me. I like to have them all on display. That’s the biggest reason why I refuse to get a Kindle. I want to be able to keep all these parts of myself, put them on a shelf and hold and admire them. I recognize that I’m incredibly privileged to own as many books as I do and also to be able to maintain my addiction so I definitely want to donate some of my books but it’s so hard to part with them. tumblr_oimp8ftzr31rmwwv3o1_500
  8. Walking past a bookstore and not going in is a crime. It just is.
  9. I’ve turned down dates based on whether the person reads or not. I don’t always do this and it’s not the only contributing factor, but it is a small one. I’m trying not to do this so much but books are everything to me and I need to find someone who feels the same or at least understands that I’m probably going to put my books above them.tumblr_oj7x8chxi71vt3qqlo1_500
  10. I intend to make my entire house a library when I’m older. Every room will host a different variety of book genres. As mentioned in #7, I still have a lot of the books I read in junior school and before that, even. There are going to be tons of plants, art and most importantly, BOOKS.tumblr_nyi5za11yg1umptnho1_r2_500


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