Unfinished Reads

No matter how much I may dislike a book, I try my hardest to stick it out to the end and be able to say I completed it. A lot of readers I know prefer to close a book forever if they can’t get into it and while I’m sure that’s a good time saver and allows you to read only the books you really enjoy, I can’t do it. A book is an experience and I don’t like to just give up and turn around halfway through. Who knows what could be just around the bend of the tenth boring chapter in a row?

I hate leaving books unfinished but there are some that I just can’t bring myself to continue reading right now. I plan on finishing them someday but currently these are all on hold until further notice.

The Diviners by Libba Bray

7728889I’ve tried reading this book twice now and have never been able to get into it. It’s got such a cool plot and fun characters with great descriptions of the era that I don’t understand why I’m having trouble with it. I’ve made it past page one hundred and enjoyed the writing but I just can’t seem to stick with it. I do want to try again but for now it’s staying on the shelf.

Alias Hook by Lisa Jensen18404312

This book is well, something. I picked it up because look at that cover I love Peter Pan and thought this would be a wonderful and new perspective of the story. And, well, it’s a new perspective for sure and a very violent, depressing one at that. It’s done a pretty great job of taking the magic out of Peter Pan for me. I want to finish it but for now, I’m really disappointed and don’t know if I will.

The Princess Bride by William Goldman


I thought I’d adore this but I’m really not. The quotes from it are great but especially when they’re taken out of context of the book. I really don’t like the formatting in that William Goldman keeps interjecting between paragraphs with long (and unnecessary) conversation about the book and so it’s really difficult to stay within the story.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black12813630

I’ve been reading a chapter here and there for about two years now. Yeah, I don’t know if I’ll ever get to the end.

I personally don’t like to leave any book unfinished. Do you also feel this way or do you have a lot of DNF books? Have you read the books I listed here? What were your opinions of them?


8 thoughts on “Unfinished Reads

  1. This month only I’ve DNF-ed three books and this is only the 5th hahaha 😂 but to be fair I’m kind of slumping now so all the books seem to not work for me 😦 I read The Coldest Girl in Town until the end but boy was it so boring! I never have Holly Black’s writing another chance even after hearing a lot of good things about her books 😂😂

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  2. I feel the same way, a lot of the time I’ll put a book down for a while because I’m not getting into it but then a lot of the time I never pick it up again. So I guess I DNF books without meaning to. I do hate not finishing books though, It really bothers me for some reason!

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