The Best Places to Read a Book- A Poem

I came across a book one day in a bookshop on 52nd and Shay,
I let myself wander through the shelves,
Listening to the book that spoke of pirates and time travel.
But when I brought it into my bed, I found I wanted to lay down my head.
‘This will not do’, I said to myself. ‘I need somewhere new, perhaps on a shelf.’
So I tossed and I turned and I scrapped my brain for answers,
But the best that I could do was up in some rafters.
So I let myself dream and dreamed very hard.
This bed, this chair, this floor won’t do,
I’m in need of somewhere new.
What would it be like to read in a balloon,
Or maybe in a butterfly’s cocoon?
Would the words flow swifter if I was walking across a wire?
Would plot twists be bigger, more exciting, more festive,
If I found myself singing with the Pope’s talented choir?
I could be in a fountain, on a motorcycle, in a briar.
But would the story hold true to all
it’s many twists, angles and falls?
Would I look at the pages and wonder,
‘This isn’t right. There needs to be more thunder.”
The world is full of nooks and crannies,
Open seas and wild plains.
Every spot is worth a try, but sometimes it’s nice just to sigh,
And know that not everywhere will do. The brightest and boldest may not be for you.
Each character and story holds its own truths, and it’s up to you to choose what to do.
You must start somewhere, anywhere will do.

– M.L.A.M.

This started as a satirical top five list of places to read a book and became a poem that might just hold some meaning within it. It was ridiculous to write and ridiculous for me to read and I hope you can find some ridiculousness in it too, and challenge yourself to something new.



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