Ten Bookish Facts About Me

Get to know me better!

1. The very first chapter book I ever read was Black Beauty. It was a children’s/middle grade version and I was five years old. I remember crying all over the book when the stables caught fire and I remember wanting to hide the book and pretend I’d never read it. It’s such a weird memory, haha.

2. I really like Shakespeare and often read his plays for kicks. I’ve always been a fan of musical theater and while Shakespeare’s plays are well, plays, I still really enjoy reading them. I haven’t read Romeo and Juliet, though, which I know is really popular!

3. I first tried writing my own novel at the age of eight or so and it was about a girl named Star and she had superpowers. I called it quits after page two, if I remember correctly. By then the plot had become really complex and I had developed the characters really well and I just couldn’t go on without ruining it, you know?

4. Once upon a time, eleven year old me tried writing a story with a stray dog as the main character and he carried around a typewriter with him everywhere he went. I think it’s safe to say that while it’s creative, it wasn’t likely to go anywhere, though the opening chapter where he’s contemplating the flavors of his mouse dinner is rather gripping.

5. I used to write fan fiction on Wattpad. It has been taken down for quite a few years now. It is not to be seen ever again. I have burned it.

6. A Dr. Seuss story used to give me nightmares– the one about the pants with nobody inside them. Sends chills down my spine even now just thinking about it.

7. I read sixty books over summer break in second grade for a summer reading competition at my school. I came second to an older girl who read a hundred. I still feel cheated.

8. The longest amount of time that it has taken me to read a book was close to three years. It wasn’t even a long book, I just found it so boring. I reviewed it here!

9. I like to read in silence, ie. no music on. I can live with background noise if I have to but it’s harder for me to stay in a story unless it’s quiet.

10. I only listen to audio books to fall asleep. You know the free ones you can get on YouTube? Yeah, those. I like to choose anything that’s under three hours because otherwise I end up either listening to them all night or waking up to them in the middle of the night. My go-tos are James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl and any Sherlock Holmes story.

Now that you know a little more about me, tell me about you! Any fun book related facts or stories? I’d love to hear them!


4 thoughts on “Ten Bookish Facts About Me

  1. Aww the dog with his little typewriter sounds so cute 😂 When I was little I wrote a book on an Alien from out of space living in a tree house, I drew the characters and cut them out and took them everywhere with me hahah. Kids are so creative haha

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  2. Oh that was a lot of fun to read 🙂 I also like to read in silence, or in a place where I can completely get lost in the book, with no music or tv or something in the background, otherwise I can’t focus.
    And sixty books over a summe r break?! That’s FANTASTIC, wow, I am impressed ahah 😀

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