My Favorite Dedication Pages

Hello everyone, hope you’re all well!

Today I thought I would share one of my favorite parts of a book-the dedication page. I love dedication pages. They make me feel like I’m listening in on a private conversation between the author and someone else. And along with all the thousands of others who will read that book, of course. These are some of my favorites, from books I have and haven’t read. Hope you enjoy!

“To my wonderful readers:
Sorry about that last cliff-hanger.
Well, no, not really. HAHAHAHA.
But seriously, I love you guys.”
-Rick Riordan, The House of Hades

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Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

Title: Everything Leads to You18667779
Author: Nina LaCour
Published by: Speak
Publication date: 5th May 2015
Pages: 336
Genres:  Young Adult, Contemporary, LGBT, Romance
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchased

“Because in the conversation beneath this one, what we’re really saying is I am an imperfect person. Here are my failures. Do you want me anyway?”

This book was so lovely and brought me to tears at the end. It had a wonderfully happy ending and it was the perfect pick me up after a long month of not reading anything due to school. This book is full of love, mystery and the small things that make up a person. It was insightful, well written, and really held onto me, even in the early moments of the book. Continue reading

Are e-Readers Really Better For the Environment Than Paper Copies?

While e-books are becoming increasingly popular in an ever evolving technological world, no one can deny the wonderful feeling of holding a paper copy and feeling the rustle of turning pages or inhaling that lovely book scent when hopefully no one is looking at you. However, there’s a massive ongoing debate over whether e-readers are better than paper copies for the environment. And it’s easy to think e-readers mean no trees are being cut down so they must be great for the environment! But that’s not a very accurate statement. So let’s explore this! Continue reading

Anything But Books Tag

Hello everyone, after I mentioned to Marie that the Anything But Books Tag she did on her blog looked like so much fun, she kindly tagged me in it so here it is! I really wish that I had a review for you guys instead because I love writing reviews and it feels like it’s been absolutely forever but I just haven’t been able to finish any books recently. This is a really tough school term for me but it’ll be over in two weeks and then I will finally have reading time again!

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#ProjectReadathon// Penguin Random House + Save The Children

Hey everyone,

I use Tab For A Cause, which is an online platform that takes the amount of tabs you open in your browser and turns it into hearts. Those hearts represent a certain amount of ad revenue that you can then send to a charity of your choice (from the eight that are sponsored by the organization, such as Human Rights Watch, Room to Read, Conservation International and Water). I mention this because through them, I have learned that from April 17th to the 24th, the week leading up to UNESCO’s World Book Day, is Project Readathon!

Project Readathon is hosted by Penguin Random House and Save The Children. Save The Children is a great charity that works to promote proficient reading in children and helps them learn to read and read to learn. Continue reading